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Crazy Cajun’s Reviewed by Birmingham Restaurant Raider

“Crazy Cajuns In Inverness- Making “Loosiana” Proud!

So I’m flipping through my “Enjoy The City” coupon book wondering what I wanted to try. After trying craw fish for the first time at a local craw fish festival, I decided that I would try it again and searched for a nearby Cajun restaurant that I had not already tried. A decision was made and I was off to Crazy Cajuns in Inverness Plaza. The parking lot was in Birmingham, but when I stepped inside of the door, I’d instantly taken the 5 hour drive down I-20 to New Orleans.

Atmosphere: Louisiana, Louisiana! The size of the restaurant is modest, but the statement is big. Everything from LSU flags and colors, to beads draping from the walls definitely gave this place an authentic feel. The place was packed with lots of hungry and seemingly happy customers. Also I was able to watch television.(High five)
The Staff: Friendly, casual, knowledgeable of the menu (Huge plus with me). Southern hospitality was all there.
What I had: The sampler combo entree; chunky seafood gumbo, creamy craw fish etouffee , smooth cheddar garlic mashed potatoes & baked cheddar smoked Gouda grits w/ a couple of thick slices of french bread. OMG! I love cheese, so I was in cheese heaven.This was a lot of food. I am fully aware of the spiciness that Cajun food has. Thank goodness for the large cup of tea.
Price: My bill was around $11.00.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I give Crazy Cajuns (Inverness) a rating of 8.9.

Let me know if there is a way to request the spiciness be taken down a notch. Thanks for the great experience.
For your own personal Louisiana experience and fore more information visit http://www.crazycajuns.net/menu/ or call (205) 408- 0630″

This review was written by Birmingham Restaurant Raider

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