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Crawfish Season has Officially Arrived!!!!

Crazy Cajuns’ will have crawfish arriving today (Wednesday January 14th, 2015)! You know you can’t resist the allure of boiled crawfish!

When does the season really begin? We are asked all the time! There is NOTHING like spicy boiled crawfish.

It is not as easy as you think to answer that question. The season depends upon several factors; mainly availability, cost and size. In other words, when can you get your hands on them, when can you afford them and when are they BIG enough?

Yep, that’s right, size does matter. Is it worth the effort involved? The last question rarely gives me pause.  Yes, I am from Louisiana and yes, I can peel em’ fast. So any chance I get to eat the sweet morsels, I am there! In fact some of the smaller ones are the absolute tastiest.

For those of you looking for specific dates of the “season”, you can count on them from March to June. But this year we are fortunate because they are here early!!!

Stop by and let your taste buds dance.

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